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Dynacast Shipyard is The Foremost Choice for Fast, Cost Effective, and Professional Shipbuilding and Ship Repairs in the Philippines

Located in the region’s heart, Dynacast Shipyard provides the number 1 environmentally friendly choice for all your shipyard services and products.

With a drydock capacity of 12 ships simultaneously, we not only have high availability, but also offer ultra-competitive prices, and a fast, efficient, end-to-end service on shipping projects of all natures and sizes.

Our unmatchable reputation, unparalleled levels of service, and unbeatable convenience, are just some of the reasons our customers have made Dynacast Shipyard the premium shipyard of choice.


Your Dynamic Partner

Our mission is to provide matchless quality, to eclipse expectations, and to earn your valued trust. Here at Dynacast, we understand what we need to do to achieve that. Our sights are already aimed high, but to become the dynamic partner that you need requires us to elevate them even further.

Committed to excellence and with a certification to

ISO 9001:2015 given by the American Bureau of Shipping in January of 2021, we not only continue to better our experienced dynamic team by learning, evolving and discovering, but also constantly updating our facilities with the latest technologies to support all the services we have to offer as we desire to become the number 1 service provider of choice.

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Our Uncompromisable Commitment to Service, Standards, and Satisfaction

The safety, security, and seaworthiness of your vessels are without compromise. But so is our commitment to superior service, to top-quality standards, and to your ultimate satisfaction.

Locating a suitable shipyard that has the knowledge, experience, and facilities to perform to the highest levels of service is challenging. However, finding one that can provide an end-to-end service, that can manage your entire project from start to finish, and can make choosing your service provider the easiest it has ever been (plus guaranteeing the utmost satisfaction), is something else entirely.

Here at Dynacast shipyard we provide a complete end-to-end service for all your shipbuilding and repair needs, including:

  • Employing the newest marine structural technology that not only meet but also exceed legislative requirements.

  • Providing outstanding and superior facilities to furnish incomparable levels of quality, service, and product.

  • Delivering experienced project management skills, exceptional levels of communication, and extraordinary operational excellence.

  • Having the region’s highest availability, the shortest waiting times, and immediate delivery.

  • Offering ultra-competitive prices that other shipyards cannot match that, when combined with the highest levels of quality and service, make us the only serious and viable option.

As part of our complete end-to-end service for shipbuilding, services, and repairs, Dynacast Shipyard offers a wide-range of unbeatable facilities and options, including: 

A comprehensive list of services and facilities are available on their respective pages.








Our goal is to be your number 1 trusted marine-related services provider. If you have any questions for us, feedback, or would like to chat to someone about how we can help, then feel free to contact us via the Contact button on the menu bar, via the details in the footer, or click here to go to the contact page.

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COVID-19 Update:

The safety and well-being of our personnel, contractors, suppliers and their families as well as the community in which we operate is our number one priority. It is also our firm belief that the work our customers do, in ensuring the flow of goods and passengers across the country is of vital significance for the nation and our economy, especially during these challenging times.

Therefore, with the implementation of strict safety measures aligned with local and national government guidelines and industry best practices as well as that of the World Health Organisation (WHO), we are elated to inform our customers that we remain open for business during this pandemic.


Address : 

Dynacast Shipbuilding and Repairs Inc.

Rizal St., Barangay Suba

Danao City Cebu 6004


About Us

Dynacast Shipbuilding & Repairs, Inc. provides a full range of shipyard services, including ship repairs, shipbuilding, fabrications, repowering, modernized engineering, and much more.

Contact Us

Phone :

(032) 238 4165

(032) 236 7194

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