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Customer Satisfaction, Safety, and Cost Effectiveness

Customer satisfaction and safety are paramount. As part of our aim to be the number 1 choice for shipbuilding and ship repairs in the entire SE Asia region, we know we must exceed expectations here. We must also do this while being competitive and while bringing you the best and most efficient service possible.

These are well within our capabilities.

Committed to Continual Improvement, our aim is to improve how we do business. In addition, our on-going challenge is to enhance our service provision to our customers.

Dynacast Is Powered by Our Exceptional Workforce

Actively seeking innovative methods, technologies, and products that will help us provide the range and quality of services you need, Dynacast’s true strength lies in our people—our workforce.

In this regard, we are fortunate to have an:

  • Extensive and excellent suppliers and subcontractors’ network that allows us direct access to an almost unlimited pool of professional resources

  • Experienced and skilled workforce dedicated to their trade, to customer satisfaction, and to safety.

Shorter lead times, Minimal Downtime, and

Maximum Sea-time

Our workforce is consistent, reliable, and dependable, and they make us the winning team.  

Together, they ensure that we not only deliver when we say we will deliver but also to the highest possible standards. They provide the ultimate in craftsmanship and satisfaction.

For you, the customer, this means shorter lead times, minimal downtime, and maximum sea-time.

Our Main Services


Ship repair & Drydocking

The shipyard currently has 3 slipways* that can accommodate up to 12 vessels at any given time, and with up-to-date marina licenses and certifications.
•    Maximum Tonnage: 8,000 DWT
•    Maximum LOA: 120 m

The slipways are supported by 4 heavy-duty slipway winches each capable of varying loads of up to 20 tons per winch.

Slipway Capacity
Slipway    Max DWT    Capacity (maximum LOA)
A    1,500 DWT    Can accommodate 4 vessels up to 55 m
B    3,000 DWT    Can accommodate either 4 vessels up to 80 m, or 6 vessels up to 60 m
C    8,000 DWT    Can accommodate 4 vessels up to 120 m.

Environmentally friendly, Precise Positioning
Our setup means that vessels up to 5,000 DWT can be pulled or hauled onto the slipways with both ease and flexibility. Using environmentally friendly airbags, we protect both seabed and vessel. These airbags not only offer safe and precise positioning up to 1.2 meters from the ground, but also provide unobstructed views and access making a safer working environment for all.


* Under current construction is an improved and advanced shipbuilding and repair services facility. This facility consists of a shipside port plus 3 additional structures and is due to be completed by the 3rd quarter of 2021. It will house an aluminum and steel fabrication and machining workshop and, as an additional key component of providing a single-point provider, will offer the most advanced shipbuilding and repair equipment available. 



Technology and legislation are advancing at a rapid rate. For operators, staying up-to-date and current with both can be challenging. However, maintaining the upkeep of your vessel is something that cannot be overlooked. Not only to uphold and maintain optimal performance but also to provide safe operating conditions and compliance for your team.
The Dynacast shipyard offers comprehensive and professional retrofitting services to assist. All services are carried out by our skilled, professional, and dedicated workforce. 
Our range of services includes:

  • Steel renewal – on hull structures, accommodations, and any other areas required.

  • Carpentry care – to the highest quality and latest standards (within or without your accommodation).

  • Hull preservation – including hydro jetting, blasting, and painting, and in accordance with your paint or other representative’s specifications.

  • Valves and pipes line refurbishment – repair and recondition any of valves or pipeline, whether direct sea or intermediate placement.

  • Alignment works – covering all aspects of your vessel re-alignment: from tail shaft to main engine to optimizing overall propulsion performance.


Machine Shop

We have a dedicated team of experienced, skilled, and highly trained machinists. Our machine-shop is equipped with the following technology and equipment, and our team can craft or fabricate whatever you require:

  • Lathe machines – load capacity of up to 800 mm diameter and 10m in length

  • Drill press – 32 mm maximum bore capacity

  • Shaper machines – with fine smooth finish

  • Roll Plate Bender – 12 mm thick plate maximum

  • Angle Plate Bender – can bend a 12 mm thick plate to a 90° angle

  • Hydraulic Press – 2500 kN capacity 

  • Hydraulic Pipe Bender – can bend 50 mm diameter pipe of various materials e.g. SUS, BI and GI 

  • Dynamic Balancing Machine – can accepting various weights up to 80-inch diameter.

This is a sample of what we have installed on-site. Whatever your machine shop requirements, please contact us if you require additional information.



Our prime movers are supplied by Weichai and Baudouin, two of the largest and most trusted brands in the marine industry world. Dynamic Power are proud to be partnered with them. 
Experienced Naval Architects and skilled technicians optimize the precise design for your vessel using a combination of the latest technology and decades of knowledge and practice. This design will help your repowered vessel attain maximum speed, performance, and efficiency.


Propeller Repair

Dynamic Castings, our parent company, has been a leading manufacturer and repairer of propellers for over 5 decades. Few possess the knowledge and experience they have, and even fewer are as well equipped to perform to their capability and standards. 

As such, whether you require a new, reconditioned, or a modified propeller, Dynacast shipyard can not only match current engine conditions and deliver exactly what you require, but can deliver it faster and better than anyone else.
This ensures:

  • Reduced downtime/more sea time

  • Fuel savings

  • Improved speed

  • Optimal performance.


New Build

Our centralized location and modern facilities, deep knowledge and expertise, and highly trained and skilled workforce means we can fulfil all your new build requirements. 

Our skilled architects will work closely with you to custom-design and build your FRP, aluminum or steel vessel. With their training, years of knowledge and experience, combined with state-of-the-art technology, the most up-to-date methodology, and the highest standards of ship design, excellence is guaranteed.

From inception, to design, build, sea trials, and commissioning, with our complete end-to-end service, we will be there alongside you, every step of the way. 

We Stand by Our Work and Our Word

As ever, we stand by both our work and our word. To this end, we are more than happy to discuss your requirements, what you need, and to conduct both sea trials and field visits. That way, we can work in tandem to not only obtain the required data (and other information needed) but can also guarantee operational success.

COVID-19 Update:

The safety and well-being of our personnel, contractors, suppliers and their families as well as the community in which we operate is our number one priority. It is also our firm belief that the work our customers do, in ensuring the flow of goods and passengers across the country is of vital significance for the nation and our economy, especially during these challenging times.

Therefore, with the implementation of strict safety measures aligned with local and national government guidelines and industry best practices as well as that of the World Health Organisation (WHO), we are elated to inform our customers that we remain open for business during this pandemic.

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