Ship repair & Drydocking

Three (3) concreted slipways can accommodate up to 12 vessels at any given time and supported by four (4) heavy-duty slipway winches capable of varying loads of up to twenty (20) tons per winch. Vessels up to 5,000 DWT can be pulled or hauled onto the slipways with ease and flexibility and thus safely positioning it to its desired location using environmentally friendly airbags that allows for the protection of the sea bed. Vessels can be docked up to 1.2 meters from the ground and ready for work to commence.

  • Slipway A : 1500 DWT  

  • Slipway B : 3000 DWT

  • Slipway C : 8,000 DWT



Our shipyard offers a variety of comprehensive retrofitting services to maintain your vessel’s optimal performance and safe operating conditions:

  • Massive steel renewal on hull structures and accommodations.

  • Refurbishing carpentry works on the accommodations with the latest standard.    

  • Hull preservation works (Hydrojetting, Blasting and Painting) according to paint representative’s specifications.

  • Repairing and reconditioning of direct sea and intermediate valves and pipes lines.

  • Alignment works from tailshaft to main engine to optimize propulsion performance.


Machine Shop

We have on-site highly skilled machinists that can operate all our machineries and committed to provide all your machine shop needs equipped with the latest technology;

  • Lathe machines  with load capacity of up to 800mm diameter  and up to10meters in length

  • Drill Press with maximum bore capacity of 32mm

  • Shaper Machines with fine smooth  finish

  • Roll Plate Bender can roll of up to 12mm thick plate

  • Angle Plate Bender that can bend up to 12mm thick at 90° angle

  • Hydraulic Press with capacity of 2500kN

  • Hydraulic Pipe Bender with bending capacity of up 50mm diameter pipe of various materials e.g. SUS, BI and GI 

  • Dynamic Balancing Machine that can be loaded at various weights with up to 80-inch diameter



We have done a wide range of comprehensive repowering activities with WEICHAI and BAUDOUIN Marine Engines as our trusted partner and prime mover. Using the latest methods and extensive experience in design and execution with our Naval Architects and skilled technicians to initiate the work with precision to reaching the vessel’s maximum performance, speed and efficiency, the Shipyard can enhance back the reliability of the vessel. 

To cater the market demand for repowering works, DYNACAST SHIPYARD has allocated a docking space ready to accept vessels.

Propeller Repair

Together with DYNAMIC CASTINGS, a manufacturer and repair expert of propellers for over 50 years, DYNACAST SHIPYARD can able to provide immediate, reliable and accurate reconditioning and modification of the client’s existing and/or old propeller to match the current engine conditions allowing significant savings on fuel, improve speed and optimize overall vessel performance.

Including a hassle free pre-sales consultation and also conducting sea trial with field visits to gather data and information required to achieve Customer expectations.


New Build

We can customize build FRP, Aluminum & steel boats with highest type quality of marine materials. Along with the expertise of a more than capable design team equipped with latest high standards & state of the art of ship designing skills and education.

COVID-19 Update:

The safety and well-being of our personnel, contractors, suppliers and their families as well as the community in which we operate is our number one priority. It is also our firm belief that the work our customers do, in ensuring the flow of goods and passengers across the country is of vital significance for the nation and our economy, especially during these challenging times.

Therefore, with the implementation of strict safety measures aligned with local and national government guidelines and industry best practices as well as that of the World Health Organisation (WHO), we are elated to inform our customers that we remain open for business during this pandemic.