Equipped with best and most efficient marine technological solutions to optimize any vessel’s safety by using the newest standardized techniques to provide top quality service required by maritime standards while using means of dynamic utilities.


The hydraulic cherry pickers or aerial work platforms allows for maximum reach, especially in difficult and hard to access areas of a vessel while ensuring worker’s safety and minimizing the risk of unnecessary damage. 


A tugboat service with a maximum bollard capacity of 5,000 tons can support any docking and undocking requirements, as well as vessel hauling from port to docking quay and vice versa.


With our airless painting equipment machine it provides the most effective and efficient for ensuring a high-yield coating while avoiding any foWith our airless painting machine, we can provide the most effective and efficient application of materials resulting in a high-yield coating while avoiding any formation. It is also the perfect way in applying both gelcoat and anti-fouling paints. This process will ensure and maximize your vessel’s longevity and performance.rmation.  It is also a perfect way in applying both gelcoat and anti-fouling paints, Through this it helps to maintain your boat to their maximum performance.


A balancing machine is an instrument designed to measure and eliminate the imbalance mass of a propeller. A dynamic balancing machine spins the rotor to detect the centre of mass through vibration sensors. Simple calculations will then indicate the position of the correction weights. 

The shipyard’s dynamic balancing machine can accommodate up to 80-inch diameter and suitable for balancing the propellers of vessels with shaft rpm of 800 and above (engine RPM/gear ratio), e.g. yachts, fast craft and others. 

This precision machinery ensures for optimum performance, which aligns and sets the propeller according to its desired dynamic balance giving the propulsion system of any vessel a vibration-free operation.


The machine allows for faster and precise cutting accuracy, even for the most complex designs and shapes of steel plates and other materials needed to execute and deliver shipbuilding and repairs.


Suitable for industrial applications, for pressing of bearings, bushings & straightening of shafts, bending steel as well as all general pressing applications with a heavy-duty welded steel fabricated frame.


The shipyard has a variety of heavy-duty lathe machines to support various job requirements with length capacities of up to 10 meters and diameters of up to 800mm. We also fabricate a range of shafts, bronze sleeves, wood bearings, fittings and others from different shapes, sizes and materials depending on the customer’s needs including tail shaft deflection and alignment readings for class surveys and others.


Three (3) concreted slipways can accommodate up to 12 vessels at any given time and supported by four (4) heavy-duty slipway winches capable of varying loads of up to twenty (20) tons per winch. Vessels up to 5,000 DWT can be pulled or hauled onto the slipways with ease and flexibility and thus safely positioning it to its desired location using environmentally friendly airbags that allows for the protection of the sea bed. Vessels can be docked up to 1.2 meters from the ground and ready for work to commence.

Slipway Capacities:

Slipway A: 1500 DWT    
Slipway B: 3000 DWT   
Slipway C: 8,000 DWT



With a load capacity of up to 120 inches, an electronic pitch meter can maximize a propeller’s performance by accurately matching the hull design and propulsion specifications and thus ensuring the accuracy of the propeller’s pitch.


This fully-automatic roll bender machine has an independent operating table, which creates smooth and perfect arcs, as well as round shaped metal bars and tubing. With a roller bender machine, there is no compromising of its structural strength and integrity and no application of manual force to achieve the intended bending effect while saving much time.


Our electronic steel plate bender has a 25-mm thick bending capacity. It ensures work precision on shaping metals required for the vessels’ hull replating needs. It also allows for a more efficient and faster work turnaround on other steelworks and structural requirements compared to conventional methods such as manual metal bending while giving the steel plate a more rigid surface.


Our water blasting machine ensures the safe and efficient method of cleaning or maintaining different kinds of surface.  This uses desalinated water being produced on site with no abrasive materials or chemicals reducing the risk of non-biodegradable pollutants entering our oceans.

Advantages :

Environmental protection

No need of chemicals

Non hazardous process

The environmental protection is one of the top Shipyard priorities.


Equipped with the latest machineries, the Reversed Osmosis desalination technology can convert 500mᶟ of sea water into potable and serviceable water daily to support the operations of the entire 8-hectare facility.


The oily water separator splits oil and water mixtures into separate components found onboard vessels such as bilge water that needs to undergo a process before the water is discharged into the environment. Fitted with 15ppm bilge alarm device (oil content monitor) and automatic closure devices which are activated when the oil storage content of the wastewater exceeds a certain limit (15ppm: 15 cm3 of oil in 1m3 of water).



Our Facility has outfitted an embedded type industrial sewage treatment plant that process sewage product produced by the facility to undergo treatment before discharging to the environment. Sewage treatment is the process of removing organic pollutants and ammonia from wastewater to generate treated wastewater that is safe enough for release into the environment.