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Advanced Equipment – Contemporary Facilities – Impeccable Service – Unbeatable Prices

Dynacast Shipyard is equipped with the best and most efficient marine technological equipment to deliver the most up to date and complete results for whatever you need.

  • Advanced equipment combined with the latest techniques helps us to optimize your vessel’s performance and efficiency. 

  • Contemporary facilities help ensure your convenience and safety.

  • Impeccable service means that not only does everything run like clockwork, but it is also hassle-free, speedily expedited, and with minimal downtime. 

  • Unbeatable prices mean we are, and will always remain, competitive.

Additional details of our facilities are below.

Contemporary, Professional, and a Wide-Range of Facilities

Actively expanding and improving our facilities enables us to enhance our service capability and to provide you with the peace-of-mind and superlative quality that you demand. Furthermore, by keeping all this work ‘in-house’, this not only helps ensure a smooth, efficient, and safe operation for all, but also means we improve our expertise, skills, and knowledge.

This perfectly aligns with our goals, with continual improvement, and this means we will get better to serve you better.

Our current facilities include:

  • Cherry Picker

  • Tugboat

  • Airless Painting Machine

  • Dynamic Balancing Machine

  • CNC Plasma Machine

  • 200T Hydraulic Press

  • Lathe

  • Slipway Capacities and Winch

  • Electronic Pitch Meter

  • Roller/Bender Machine

  • Steel Plate Bender

  • Water Blasting Machine

  • Reverse Osmosis

  • Oil/Water Separator

  • Sewage Treatment Plant.

cherry picker.png


Hydraulic aerial work platforms, or cherry pickers, offer several benefits, not least of which is providing a safer environment for when working at height. Not only are they mobile, but they are also easy to position and operate. During operations, though the extended reach means overall coverage is maximized, this reduces the chance of workers over-extending or over-stretching, thereby reducing the risk of anyone falling from height. Moreover, by allowing easy access to otherwise difficult or hard to access areas of a vessel, this reduces the risk of unnecessary, or accidental, damage.



A full service, experienced tugboat operation is maintained within the shipyard. With a maximum bollard capacity of 5,000 tons, these workhorses are our mainstay. They can support all docking or unlocking, whether push, pull/tow and either ship assist or tug assist. With safety and precision to the forefront, they also cover vessel-hauling from port to the docking quay (and vice versa) and any other associated services. Feel free to contact us with any questions or specific requirements.

painting machine.jpg


Airless painting provides the most effective means of applying a smooth, uniform, no compression, high-yield coating. It is also the perfect means of applying essential gel coats and anti-fouling paints to rough and bumpy surfaces (such as your ship’s weathered steel hull). In addition to avoiding any formation, when employed correctly, the multi-layer application will also maximize your vessel’s longevity, performance, and efficiency.

Facilities Dynamic Balancing 01.jpg


A dynamic balancing machine measures the imbalance mass of a propeller. It does so by spinning the rotor and then detecting the center of mass through vibration sensors. Simple calculations then indicate the position of the correction weights. 

To remediate, using precision machinery to align and set your propeller’s desired dynamic balance delivers a vibration-free, optimal performance and efficient propulsion system. 

Our own DBM can accommodate a maximum 80-inch diameter shaft. Typically, this is suitable for balancing the propellers of vessels with a shaft RPM of 800+ (engine RPM/gear ratio).

Layer 7.png


Our industrial strength plasma machine allows for faster and precise cutting accuracy with even the most complex designs, outlines, and shapes. Capable of cutting mild steel up to 3” thick, stainless steel to 4” thick, and aluminum to 3” thick, it provides several computer controlled cutting options. Because every piece is measured and precision-cut, maintaining the highest fabrication standards for all your shipbuilding, refit, or repairs is guaranteed.

hydraulic press 200 T.png


Our 200-ton industrial hydraulic press is used for pressing bearings and bushings, as well as shaft straightening, and bending steel. In addition, its heavy-duty welded steel fabricated frame makes it suitable for all general pressing applications.

Layer 8.png


The shipyard has a variety of heavy-duty lathes to support a wide range of operational and job requirements. With a maximum length of 10m and a maximum diameter of 800 mm we can accommodate all but the largest of tasks. Offering a wide scope of services, our lathes and other machinery means we can fabricate a range of shafts, bronze sleeves, wood bearings, fittings, etc., from different materials of all shapes and sizes (within the above stated confines). Examples include tail shaft deflection, alignment readings for class surveys, etc.



As stated on our Services page, our 3 concreted slipways can accommodate up to 12 vessels at a given time. These slipways are supported by 4 heavy-duty slipway winches, each with pull loads of up to 20 tons.

Consequently, hauling or pulling vessels up to 5,000 DWT onto the slipways is done with great ease and flexibility. In addition, we use environmentally friendly airbags to protect both seabed and vessel. These not only offer the best form of protection for this type of operation, but also allow precise and safe positioning up to 1.2 meters from the ground. This elevation permits unobstructed views and access and provides a far safer environment and all round efficient options.

Slipway and Capacities:

  • A: 1500 DWT

  • B: 3000 DWT

  • C: 8,000 DWT



An electronic pitch meter is used to maximize a propeller’s performance. The pitch meter does this by accurately matching both the hull design and the propulsion specifications thereby ensuring propeller pitch accuracy. Our electronic pitch meter has a load capacity of up to 120 inches.

roller bender machine.png


With its independent operating table, our fully automatic roller/bender machine not only creates smooth and flawless arcs, but also manipulates perfectly round shaped metal bars and tubing. This automated method avoids the disadvantages that traditional, manual, and inefficient methods of rolling or bending metal offers.

As the machine bends the metal/tubing, it applies automated and equal force, thereby avoiding and kinks or deformities. The process is fast and the result is no loss of structural strength or integrity.



The curvature and stress placed on ship’s hulls during normal sea-going operations is immense. As such, when either replacing or fitting new plates, it is critical that the structure, performance, and efficiency of the hull and vessel are maintained. Without precision cutting and shaping this would be impossible. Not only do industrial benders allow for such precision, but they also deliver a more efficient and faster work turnaround and provide a more rigid and solid surface.

The electronic steel plate bender we operate has a 25-mm thick bending capacity.

water blasting machine.jpg


Environmental protection is among the shipyard’s top priorities and though we previously used various chemicals and additives in water blasting operations, we no longer do. Today, we use desalinated water that we create onsite. This allows us to implement a non hazardous, safe, and efficient method for cleaning and maintaining the many different types of surface in our shipyard.

No abrasive materials or chemicals are added to this water, and we are actively doing everything we can to drastically reduce the risk of any non-biodegradable pollutants entering our oceans and harming our environment.

The environmental protection is one of the top Shipyard priorities.


Layer 15 copy.png

We manufacture our own desalinated water onsite using the latest in reverse osmosis machinery. With the capacity to convert 500mᶟ of sea water into potable and serviceable water each day, our dedicated Reversed Osmosis Desalination Technology can more than cover the operations of our entire 8-hectare facility.

Environmentally conscious, we operate in a non-chemical and non-hazardous process setting to do the utmost we can for our oceans, our habitat, and our world.


OIL Water seperator.png

The distillation process we operate to separate oil and water is critical in environmental protection. Bilge water is the most common contaminant/wastewater mixture on ships. At our shipyard, we distill and treat this wastewater accordingly. To doubly-ensure there are no mishaps, our separators are fitted with oil content monitors, bilge alarms, and automatic shut-off devices. The latter are set to function if the oil storage content of the wastewater exceeds the specified limit (15 ppm = 15 cm3 of oil in 1m3 of water).




The treatment of all contaminants and wastage is a large part of our commitment to protecting the environment and to both our end-to-end service capability and our promise to you. At our shipyard, we have an embedded industrial sewage treatment plant that processes and treats all sewage before discharging it safely into the environment.

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