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Impeccable Heritage, Reputation, and Standing

Though Dynacast Shipyard was founded in 2019, Dynamic Castings (Dynacast), our parent company, has a far greater heritage, reputation, and industry standing.

Founded in 1968, Dynacast are a well-known, leading, and trusted manufacturer and exporter of quality bronze and non-ferrous related products both locally, throughout the Philippines, and globally.

Locally, they provide bronze replacement products to many industries, including cement, food and beverage, fishing, mining, power generating, and shipping, etc. Globally, as an ISO-certified exporter, Dynacast furnishes a wide range of products, including smooth, quiet, and vibration-free marine propellers, zinc anodes, all bronze shaft sleeve, etc. These are engineered to highest standards, and conform to all required international classifications and standards, these products also deliver optimum performance and efficiency. 

The Seeds of Our Vision Were Planted Long Ago

Dynacast had a long-standing vision to be the foremost service provider for its ever-widening reach and its growing clientele. In 2008, they established Dynamic Power Marine and Industrial Hardware, Inc. (Dynamic Power) as their trading arm.

Dynamic Power is the country distributor for many globally renowned brands including:

•    Weichai Marine (China)
•    Baudouin (France)
•    Gefico (Spain)
•    Garbarino (Italy)
•    Dong-I (South Korea)
•    Sea First Engineering (South Korea)
•    Sicomen (France)
•    Advance Marine Gearbox (China)
•    Martechnic (Germany), etc.  


To date, Dynamic Power have successfully provided over 8,000 marine and industrial engines to organizations nationwide and have firmly established themselves as a trusted, and well-respected industry name in the region.


Increased Expansion, Wider Service/Product Range, and the Ultimate in Flexibility

Subsequently, and as part of our dream of not only being the leading services provider, but also as part of on-going innovations, yet additional new and exciting decisions led to further expansion.

A market leader we are committed to being the world’s best in customer service and support. To deliver on this, and to be able to offer further flexibility, product, and service choice, the Dynamic Group diversified further and established:

•    Dynacast Shipbuilding and Repair

•    DM8 Composites

•    Dynamic Technologists

•    Dynamic Utilities 

Dynacast Shipyard


Dynacast Shipbuilding

and Repairs

Strategically located in Danao City, Cebu, Philippines, Dynacast Shipbuilding and Repairs covers a total area of 80,000 m2. Refer to the Facilities page for additional information.

Within the complex is DM8 Composites, a 10,000 m2 modern boatyard that specializes in the construction of: 

•    composite patrol boats
•    pleasure yachts and ferries up to 30 meters long
•    all kinds of FRP repairs and refitting.


DM8 Composites

DM8 is elevating boat design and manufacturing in the Philippines. Combining the most modern and advanced boat designs with the latest technology in FRP Vacuum infusion, and state-of-the-art engineering capabilities plus world-class production systems is elevating the industry to new heights. All designs are subsequently reviewed by international classification firms and classed by Bureau Veritas.

DM8’s highly trained workforce is recruited both locally and internationally and, while strictly adhering to international standards during construction, use only the best European materials. 


Dynamic Technologists

Waiting on information.

Increased Expansion, Wider Service/Product Range, and the Ultimate in Flexibility

These not only further cement Dynamics’ position and prestige within the industry but, by expanding our service and product range, also offers you several significant benefits:


  • Simpler choice – having a single provider means everything can be done under one roof thereby resigning multiple agencies, operators, repetitive conversations, missed deadlines and inefficiency to the past.

  • Enriched communication – functioning through a single contact avoids mixed or missed messages, speeds up action, and eliminates confusion.

  • Improved efficiency – less confusion means fewer holdups, a reduction in wasted time (across the entire pipeline) and helps guarantee satisfaction.

  • Better planning – equals greater efficiency, fewer holdups, less waiting around, and more time on operations.

  • Enhanced ROI - less time in maintenance mode means more time on passage and on operations. 

  • Dynacast Shipyard offers many additional products and services and are continually looking to expand our range. (Improved and advanced shipbuilding and repair services are coming soon.) Refer to the Services page for details.

Our Commitment to Quality, to Excellence, and to Customer Satisfaction

Dynacast Shipbuilding and Repairs Inc. is committed to both quality and continual improvement. Our Quality Management System (QMS) is constantly being updated and improved under the supervision of American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) Quality Evaluation, Inc., as we are ISO 9001:2015 certified since the beginning of the year 2021..

Together with our capable and experienced team, our advanced tech and equipment, and our modern and superior facilities, we will be able to further expand our services. Furthermore, this will also allow us to on-board a wider range of more complex jobs across different industries and trades, and all in strict compliance with the Owners and Class Surveyors requirements for safe and seaworthy vessels.

COVID-19 Update:

The safety and well-being of our personnel, contractors, suppliers and their families as well as the community in which we operate is our number one priority. It is also our firm belief that the work our customers do, in ensuring the flow of goods and passengers across the country is of vital significance for the nation and our economy, especially during these challenging times.

Therefore, with the implementation of strict safety measures aligned with local and national government guidelines and industry best practices as well as that of the World Health Organisation (WHO), we are elated to inform our customers that we remain open for business during this pandemic.

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